Colorado Revised Statute Section 18-6-403 Sexual Exploitation of a Child –  is a very serious crime and it carries severe consequences.   These cases are prosecuted by both the Federal Government and State Government.  The cases follow unique sentencing consequences that almost always results in prison in the Federal Court system and possible probation for the State system.  There are internet child exploitation case where there is a download of child pornography or the sending of images/pictures of individuals under the age of 18 years old.  A child for the purpose of exploitation of a child is an individual under the age of 18.   A juvenile child on a cell phone can be charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

Richard B. Huttner has handled many exploitation of a child cases.  In some instances, the cases have been dismissed because of lack of evidence.  It is often necessary to seek the help of computer experts to examine the hard drive and evidence obtained by the Government.

The cases fall into several categories.  Simply having an explicit images of a child on a computer or cell phone device that is transmitted to another person–often termed sexting.  Another way these cases evolve is the sharing of files through known child pornography sites.  When the Government learns of child pornography being downloaded from an internet site, the Government steps into action.  First finding out where the internet access is located.  The Government will issue subpoena’s for information regarding the IP address.  The government will then visit the address identified.  Then the hunt is on.   When you are contacted by the police or a search warrant has been issued or executed–you should contact an attorney.  What you say or do can have huge ramifications on the defense of internet child pornography cases.

To get the best chance at proving your innocence, you need the defense and legal advice of an experienced sexual exploitation of a child defense lawyer like Richard B. Huttner who has successfully represented many clients in similar situations. We know where to look and what to do to build a defense for you against allegations and eliminate any possibility of a wrongful conviction for internet exploitation of  a child.