Hit and Run cases usually involve an accident and subsequent contact by law enforcement. The contact could be minutes after the accident or several days or weeks. Upon contact by law enforcement—should be the clue to get an experienced criminal defense attorney to advise you on how to proceed. The principal factor that affects the probable punishment for DUI is whether anyone was injured due an incident. The harshest penalties are for people who cause the injury and flee from the scene. Punishments can for felony charges can be years. In Colorado, district attorneys view hit and run accidents as fleeing to avoid alcohol related issues. An innocent bump on a bumper trying to park or pulling from a parking space can be interpreted as hit and run and fleeing to avoid drunk driving charges. Charges and subsequent punishment for hit and run vary among fact patters and jurisdictions. It is because such cases usually attract a number of charges. In addition to the two headlining offenses, careless/reckless driving and failure to give information as required; the driver may also be charged of for failing to report an accident and if there is an accident with injuries—felony failing to render aid charges. If there is a death involved, charges of reckless vehicular homicide are a certainty. Punishment can also be increased in case there are previous DUI convictions

Hit and run laws

The “hit and run” laws, require the drivers involved in a collision to:

  • Stop
  • Offer identification and
  • Provide assistance, if needed

The aim of such laws is to make sure that the people who suffer injuries in car collisions receive the much needed medical attention. The laws also ensure that appropriate financial compensation must be given for any property damage. It is applicable even in cases where the driver is not at fault for the accident and those who fail to do it could be criminally prosecuted. At times a collision may involve an unattended property or an unoccupied vehicle. In such a situation, a number of statutes state that the driver leave behind a note, which offers his/her contact information and make an accident report on-line. Since a DUI and a hit and run mix can lead to imprisonment of several years, and is quite difficult to take stock in, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is a must for assistance and advice.